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Daniela Coronelli  has an ongoing interest and passion in what can stimulate growth, well-being and balance to our lives and she brings to the training a longstanding experience in Mindfulness practice and teaching, going back over 30 years. Cultivating Mindfulness has rescued her from two major stress episodes and she believes that these experiences have placed her in a position to better support others.











Having undergone one year post-graduate training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy with Exeter University she has been accredited as a Mindfulness Based Pain Management (MBPM) and as a Mindfulness for Stress (MfS) teacher by Breathworks, UK. She runs an established Shiatsu practice in Totnes, is a member teacher of the UK Shiatsu Society and a trained Mindfulness Movement facilitator.  


Daniela has worked for health organizations, shiatsu schools and for private groups in the UK and Italy, where she originated. In 2004 she founded “Life Healing Arts” – an organization that has been offering courses in Meditation and Movement , Shiatsu & Seiki (a style of manual therapy based on breath release) skills to complementary health therapists and to groups with an interest in natural health care. She has recently co-authored the book ‘Embodied Lives’, published by Triarchy Press.


When facilitating Mindfulness training, she follows the ‘Good Practice Guidelines of the ‘UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers’, and is fully insured.

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