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I hope and wish this update finds you and your families well, and feeling more at ease, following the easing of restrictions. At this time, more than ever, it is not possible, or wise, to plan for the future, or to photocopy the past. However, it is possible to invest in our now, with mindfulness and compassion towards self, our communities and the environment. It is an opportunity to begin again, with different core values, where more care is taken to support and co-operate with one another, and with the living place that sustains our well-being.


During the lock-down, our organization has continued to support clients on-line, on a one-to one basis and with fortnightly group meetings. We are continuing to support the Mindfulness4Wellness community on-line, as well as new clients who prefer not to have face-to-face contact, or live a distance away.

















For those who would like to have live one-to one mindfulness sessions, for calming and managing life or work stress better, we have started offering these, whilst also following the government guidelines. If you would like to join our mindfulness support group that meets on alternate Thursdays evenings, please contact us via email: [email protected]


Our next course, in early October, will be on-line, and it has been designed to resource people who are experiencing the effects of prolonged stress and perhaps are feeling overwhelmed because of overwork or reacting negatively to the recent pandemic and the constraints of lock-down.


For more information about this course see the EVENTS page: http://www.mindfulness4wellness.org/forthcoming-events-booking/4590995683



    ~ Daniela Coronelli

Post-Lockdown Update

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